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Evolve (Alpha) - Now Playing (2pm PT)

Written By Kom Limpulnam on Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014 | 17.21

It gets old fast, I'm already bored of it... I expected more since it has been hyped up so much. The same went for Titanfall, Destiny and Watchdogs, too much hype had built it up too much and I'm just let down. If this stayed under the radar, maybe I'd be enjoying myself... I dunno, it is hard to enjoy something when it was hyped up as more than it is. 

I guess the industry has always been like this, I dunno, it just feels like breaking point for me this year. Maybe just too much has been over hyped and turned out to be complete let downs. If I had to pick a GOTY..... I can't; Mario Kart 8 and South Park were fun for what they are, but nothing has blown me away. Just been like bought a dozen games so far, played for a few hours each and then back to CS:GO.

I just feel we're being told what the next big thing is rather than being allowed to make our own opinion as a collective. Feels like the publishers just pay lots of money to get these games out there to all these websites and we have them shoved in our faces constantly. Yet if we were allowed to pick.. no one cared about Titanfall, it had some fake buzz around it from sites like these, but I do not know a single person who talked about it in my group of friends and everyone on the forums wasn't impressed either.

If Destiny didn't have the Bungie name marketed all over it, no one would care, it would be another Borderlands... it comes out and gets forgotten about. The weird thing I've noticed with destiny though is people have been told it is the next big game so many times that they're forcing themselves to play it. Like "it is from Bungie it must be great right?" then they play it over and over even though they constantly say the game isn't fun and keep complaining about all the flaws. Like Stockholm Syndrome or something.....

Maybe i just need black out all media and go into games that interest me when I see them, rather than having it dictated to me. I think that is why I love so many indie games now, I just stumble upon them on Steam and give them a go, rather than being told this is a good game and buying it because of that. 

Evolve has one great idea, one that gets boring quickly and it isn't very fun for long periods of time. It is like a horror game, just too tense to really site back and enjoy, like how no one wanted to play as the humans in L4D competitive mode....... kinda kills that whole mode. Well Evolve is like that but it kills the whole game.

I cannot help but think if they just flew under the radar, it would have gained the right audience and done well within the budget and expectations. However it is being hyped to the point where so much more money will be poured into it and so many more people will buy it who will not like it... I just see a backlash happening and it being bad for the studio like we saw with Titanfall. 

Any ways... I might be done with games for awhile I think, it has been a horrible year and I'm burnt out. 

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Dreamfall Chapters Book One: Reborn Review

Eight years is a long time to wait for answers, and the opening scenes of Dreamfall Chapters understand as much, providing a tearful gut-punch that is as much of a conclusion as it is an introduction. This is the universe that has occupied my thoughts and fantasies since 1999, when The Longest Journey was released and earned rightful praise as one of the best adventure games ever made. It was a game about balance: the balance between the mundane and the magical, the head and the heart. Its sequel, 2006's Dreamfall, found new worlds to balance--those of waking life and dreams--and Dreamfall Chapters returns to this same theme soon after its emotional opening. Returning Dreamfall heroine Zoe Castillo has remained comatose, but she has not allowed her body to serve as a prison.

Those earlier games provided another kind of balance: that between a slow-paced opening and meaningful narrative tension that rose as the stakes grew higher. The first episode of Dreamfall Chapters provides the former, laying the groundwork for a potentially rousing adventure, but too little rises from that foundation. Those eight years between Dreamfall and its sequel were long--but I suspect that the wait between the Dreamfall Chapters' first and second episodes will feel just as lengthy, even if it's a matter of months and not years. As part of a long-term arc, Book One: Reborn may prove highly effective; on its own, it plays at a measured adagio that rarely quickens. The episodic format doesn't seem a good fit for the series' long-term storytelling, and I felt stranded by the abrupt ending, as if I had been invited to an opulent dinner only to arrive and find no one was home.

Zoe has a knack for getting in over her head.

Dreamfall Chapters may begin with an answer, but it is more concerned with questions--questions that you can add to the growing list of Longest Journey mysteries. The nature of the Tower being built in Marcuria, the relationship of the Undreaming to the dream machines, the identity of the white dragon: these lingering wonders are left to occupy your thoughts while you navigate Book One's more pressing themes. Zoe's spirit has been left to wander the Dreamtime, that otherworldly dimension first introduced in Dreamfall, even as her body rests in hospital. Here, she helps those stranded in the Dreamtime, people in the waking world that are connected to WATIcorp's dream machines, which provide on-demand dreams as entertainment to the masses.

The subsequent level provides both an intriguing setting and an effective tutorial, putting you in control of Zoe from a third-person perspective, and having you assist lost dreamers in finding their way home. A selection cursor automatically hones in on interactive objects in your field of vision, flipping between choices as you move and look about, and indicating the type of interaction available with an appropriate icon. This system is a natural progression from Dreamfall's selection cone, making both controller and keyboard-and-mouse setups viable options.

Two characters, two prisons.

More importantly, this sequence familiarizes you with Dreamfall Chapters' dialogue mechanics, which allow you to choose responses that suit your vision of Zoe. One of the game's successes is how it allows you to set a path, but ensures that all paths are authentic to this lovable woman who captivated me and so many others years ago. Zoe has always been gentle but aimless, making her indecision during these conversations an authentic aspect of her character, and not a game-ish contrivance that contradicts the earlier games' linear tales. When faced with a choice, Zoe thinks each choice aloud as you hover over it, speaking every line with a thoughtfulness and sincerity that should easily win you over. "I'm not ready to wake up, to face myself again," she thinks to herself. "I'm scared of losing what little I have left." Having found a purpose in this supernatural zone, it is no wonder she would have reservations about leaving. But because her choices--and therefore yours as well--occupy different places in the same emotional spectrum, none of them contradict what we already know of her.

Zoe ultimately finds her way back to the real world--well, the real world the series calls Stark, in any case--but her memories of the past are left behind in the Dreamtime. Months after her revival, Zoe has made a home in Propast, another of the series' rich and gorgeous locales. It's a multicultural neighborhood, far removed from the dystopias science-fiction stories typically depict. Propast is a future that rose from a past and present we understand; that the city should be home to people with American, European, Asian, and African accents is perfectly reasonable. This is the global village the age of the Internet has produced. Gorgeous lamps sway above you as you traverse the Chinese district; just blocks away, neon signs written in German ("Sonnenschein" consumer goods company) and English advertisements ("Cloud Nine Prosthetics") peacefully coexist. Food carts sell every kind of food you can imagine from the world over. You have never been to this city, but it sure feels like home.

Choice leads to consequence.

The relationship between technology and culture isn't always so peaceful in Dreamfall Chapters, though your earlier choices determine how you approach that dichotomy. In my time with Zoe, I learned about her job as a laboratory technician, and set about testing synthetic algae with the help of a little hovering robot called Kidbot. Other players have told me of a mechanical friend called Shitbot, but my choices never led me down a path that included him. I don't regret my time with Kidbot, however: her playfulness is cute but never grating, a difficult balancing act that Dreamfall Chapters gets exactly right, thanks to adorable dialogue and fantastic voice acting that conveys innocence without ever becoming saccharine.

Dreamfall Chapters thus reflects the series' history with its imaginative settings and empathetic characters. There are puzzles to solve and tasks to perform in your time here, but the episode is short on brainteasers: the obstructions you encounter are easily surmounted. The few inventory items you accumulate have intuitive uses and are quickly disposed of, making the first episode as much of an extended tutorial as it is a meandering prologue. Episode one is not short on glitches, however; the game struggles somewhat with its lens flaring, sometimes streaking your screen with distracting lights and colors, and in the game's final and curious scene, I walked right through a door and out of the level.

The super-city of Europolis sprawls across what used to be entire countries. Propat is just one part of the whole.

That final scenario isn't just intriguing from a story perspective: it also puts you in control of an unlikely protagonist with a particularly charming way of interacting with the world. Earlier in the game, you also take control of Kian Alvane, so the world of Arcadia does not go unacknowledged, though a prison is the only setting you get to explore there. Kian's chapter is light on challenge, but the thematic ties to Zoe's story give his section heft regardless: just as Zoe refuses to let her comatose body cage her, so too does Kian embrace the opportunity to flee his cell. Both characters are getting second chances, just as the series itself has risen from the crevasse Dreamfall left behind.

The Longest Journey crafted a protracted story arc that featured an equally leisurely opening, but grew into one of the genre's greatest citadels. The first episode's flat narrative structure may not be entirely satisfying, but Dreamfall Chapters' diverse and endearing cast, nuggets of political and personal tensions, and glimmers of the poignancy that made the previous Longest Journey games so memorable make me hopeful for the futures of Stark, Arcadia, and the Dreamtime, wherever those places might take me.

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Will Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Live Up To The Series' Legacy?

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  5. Quick Look: Titanfall: Frontier Defense
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  7. Armored Warfare - M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System
  8. Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - Halloween in Skyrim!
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PS4 Sales Soar to 13.5m, Yet Sony Losses Continue

Sony sold 3.3 million PlayStation 4s worldwide during the three months between July and September, bringing its total unit sales to 13.5 million.

Though the summer months are usually slow for game companies, they proved to be the second-best quarter for the PlayStation 4 yet, having surpassed the 2.7 million units it sold between April and June, and the 3 million units between January and March.

The next-gen system's performance continues to outperform Sony's internal targets. Game income for the quarter soared to $195 million, and as a result Sony has increased its full-year targets by $89 million.

Sales of PlayStation 4 were so strong that Sony claimed it was a key reason why revenue for the whole business climbed 7.2 per cent.

However, the company-wide problems persist, particularly as it tries to absorb an impairment charge of $1.58 billion.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Vita sales were not reported again. Sony instead merged that number with PlayStation TV and PSP sales, though together this still only reached 700,000 units for quarter.

Overall, the corporation's lost $806 million during the quarter. This figure was a better outcome than most investors feared.

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See All of the Affinity Victories and Ultimate Units in Civilization: Beyond Earth

Written By Kom Limpulnam on Kamis, 30 Oktober 2014 | 17.21

Of the five victory conditions in Civilization: Beyond Earth, three are specific to an affinity. They require dedicating yourself to a certain belief about the evolution of humanity and taking it to it's logical extremes. In doing so, you unlock the strangest, most powerful units in the game, which come in handy in case any other civ takes issue with your beliefs. Each of the three videos below details how to achieve an affinity-specific victory and shows off these city-killing units in action. Enjoy!


For the civilization that views alien life as equals and endeavors to understand them, shepherd them, and become one with them. Also the path to choose if you want to control a kaiju or shoot lasers from a hovering space jellyfish.


For the civilization that believes the Earth way was the best way and wants to remake all other planets in her image. Even if that involves constructing a tremendous hovering arsenal bristling with guns.


For the civilization that is tired of the limitations of the flesh and believes that through robotics and cybernetics, we can be better, faster, stronger. And who would like to introduce anyone who thinks otherwise to a towering four-legged war machine.

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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Dota 2 Rekindling Soul to 27th October Patches – Content Analysis

Front End Changes

Shadow Fiend Remake

A long time in the making the redesign for Shadow Fiend is now here.

Comparison Slider

Drag the slider all the way to the right to see the new model.

Base Model

Default Parts

  • Shadow Fiend's Head
  • Shadow Fiend's Shoulders
  • Shadow Fiend's Arms
  • Shadow Fiend's Ambient Effects

Shadow Fiend Arcana

Shadow Fiend has long collected the souls of his enemies. As is the case with any collector, some prizes have stood above others, to be sought out at any cost. However, there are certain souls that should not be tried, and forces so dark and filled with rage that no being could hope to contain them. Thus did Shadow Fiend learn the price, and gift, that comes with stealing the souls of demons, and he was changed evermore.

New base skin & models with special ambient effects

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Altered Voice

Default Voice

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Arcana Voice

Your browser does not support the audio element.

New Hero icon, portrait & minimap icon

New spell effects and icons for all his abilities

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New sound effects


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Special Raze status effect that displays over Shadow Fiend when the same enemy is Razed multiple times

The special raze shows up when landing successive razes, displaying a special counter directly above Shadow Fiend's model.

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Unique attack effects

Custom loadout pedestal

Neutral Creep Texture Updates

Ogre Bruiser's Textures

The Ogre Bruiser has had some slight work done to his texture and texture masks.

Model Viewer Comparison Slider

Drag the slider all the way to the right to see the new textures.

In Game Shot

6.82 Map Updates

Minimap Comparison Slider

In Game Shots

New Treasure Chests

Treasure of the Forged Fury

Volatile Firmament

Obsidian Guard

Engulfing Spike

Includes custom ability icons.

Snowstorm Huntress

Armor of the Stalwart Soul

Iceborn Trinity

Random Bonus Rewards

Hunter of Kings

Includes custom ability icons.

Lil' Nova

The courier can also be unboxed with an Usual courier effect.

Treasure of the Summit's Peak

A special Summit's Peak chest from Beyond The Summit which helps increase the prize pool of The Summit 2 using 10% from each chest sale.

Relics of the Sundered King

Dreadhawk Armor

Dame de Carreau

Hidden Flower

Random Bonus Rewards

The Maniacal Machinist

Rainmaker MK.VII

Treasure of the Nexon Anniversary 2014

A new treasure chest for the Korean provider Nexon is in the files for their upcoming anniversary. Contains some of their old item sets and couriers.

The chest will have a bonus rare chance of unboxing one of the following couriers as an Unusual:




New Bundles

ESL One New York Summons Bundle

Ravenous Woodfang

Boreal Sigil

Shrieking Razorback


Thistle Crawler

New League Passes - With Bundles

Synergy League Season 1

The top teams from Europe, South-East Asia, and China compete for the $50,000+ prize pool. Purchase the ticket and increase the prize pool. This bundle includes the Warhawk Vestiments Lina set and grants access to view games from the Synergy League Season 1.

Warhawk Vestiments Lina set

Dota2VO Ability Cup #2

The second season of the Dota2VO Ability Cup. The top teams from EU compete for the $300+ prize pool. This bundles gives you the Bane Midnight Terror HUD and access to watch games from Dota2VO Ability Cup #2.

Bane Midnight Terror HUD Skin

ESL Think Fast Razer League

Teams compete in this open tournament to earn their spot in the Think Fast Razer League Playoffs. This bundle includes the Brawl Basher HUD and grants access to view games from the ESL Think Fast Razer League.

Brawl Basher HUD Skin

TEvent Dota 2 Season 1

"This open tournament contains 64 teams from Central Russia competing for the rights to call themselves the best team in the region. This ticket grants the Heavenly Light Omniknight set and access to view games from TEvent Dota 2 Season 1."

Heavenly Light Omniknight set

League of Dota Season 6

"League of Dota returns for a 6th season, featuring $1000 in cash prizes spread across 16 tournaments for North American and European teams. Sponsored by GameVox. This ticket grants you the Neokin Faierie Ward and access to watch League of Dota Season 6 games."

Neokin Faierie Ward

Korean Dota League Season 4

Nexon presents the fourth season of KDL with SpotTV and KeSPA. Newly promoted teams have joined each respective tier. The KDL will span four seasons with a total of KRW 650 million (USD 605,000) prize pool. Watch the fourth season of KDL featuring the top 10 teams from the tier 1 and 2 leagues. This bundle includes the Scavenger of the Basilisk Pudge set and grants access to view games from KDL Season 4.

Scavenger of the Basilisk Pudge set

Includes custom ability icons.

Dota Pit League Season 2

"The top teams are going to compete against each other for $75,000. Each bundle purchased increases the tournament prize pool by 12.5%. Bundle includes the Sorcerer of the Black Pool Lich set!"

Sorcerer of the Black Pool Lich set

The Summit 2

"The Summit 2 is the long-awaited sequel to a global Dota 2 event! The world's best teams will fight online for 4 slots at the LAN Finals this December, where they will challenge Evil Geniuses and another invited team for $100,000+. 25% of each bundle sold goes towards the prize pool and the bundle includes Compendium access, a courier, loading screen, and DotaTV ticket!"

Duskie Courier


Stretch Goal Rewards Reached

Summit 2 Loading Screen

Demonic Presence HUD Skin

Arctic Watchtower Ward

Starladder Season X Stretch Goals

Starladder Season X Loading Screen

Starladder Season X HUD Skin

New Couriers

Jujak the Fiery Rebirth

A new courier from the MVP Phoenix team is now in the game.

Sorry, you don't have HTML5 video and we didn't catch this properly in javascript.

Sorry, you don't have HTML5 video and we didn't catch this properly in javascript.

Back End Changes

New Trophies

Nexon Trophies

A new trophy category for the Korean Dota 2 provider Nexon is now in the game.

Nexon First Anniversary Trophy

"Awarded for participating in and winning games in celebration of the Nexon First Anniversary"

One win is bronze, five wins is silver and ten wins is gold.

Unreleased Pre-Game Showcase

Showcase Cameras

The unreleased pre-game showcase now has hero cameras for a standard approach, approaching from above and panning from left to right.

Sorry, you don't have HTML5 video and we didn't catch this properly in javascript.

Each player now also displays a new "showcase panel" that has a couple made up placeholder stats for the moment.

Unreleased Compendium Stretch Goal Rewards

New Upgraded Creeps

Unlocks new models for your creeps after you've killed the enemy barracks. (Available to all players, not just Compendium Owners)

A work in progress version of the ranged Radiant version of the creep is now in the files.

The Dire Melee Megacreep is also in the files but is currently untextured.

Other Changes

6.82 Ability Icons

A number of new ability icons were added for 6.82

Particle Updates

The Genuine Fire Belt for Lina now has a particle effect.

Unreleased Styles

The Alliance Gyrocopter set has an alternative rocket style in the files that is currently unused.

Portrait Updates

The portrait script file was updated with the following updates:

  • Dire Megacreep Melee portrait
  • Radiant Megacreep Ranged portrait
  • Oracle's portrait

Region File Updates

Along with the addition of the Peru and Chile (Argentina/Chile) servers the Nexon Japan (region 14) has been removed/replaced.

  • Region 14: Argentina/Chile (eze-1.srcds.valve.net/scl-1.srcds.valve.net)
  • Region 15: Peru (lim-1.srcds.valve.net)

Game Sound Updates

Oracle's game sound script file has been updated with sound effects for all of its abilities and ambient sound effects such as an idle loop effect.

Hero Select/Ban Lines

The hero selection and ban lines are now in place for Oracle.

Selection Line:

  • "*vo\oracle\orac_spawn_01.mp3"

Ban Line:

  • "*vo\oracle\orac_anger_08.mp3"

New Item Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

New/Updated Hero Sound Effects

Bloodseeker's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Dark Seer's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Earth Spirit's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Phantom Lancer's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Shadow Fiend's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Spectre's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Techies` Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Treant's Sound Effects


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Predictions For The Next Hero

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